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Read more about how Materion Products can be used in custom automotive electronic applications, connectors, relays and switches.

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Automotive Electronics


  1. PDF icon Performance Alloys Materials for High Temperature Electrical Connectors

    Roadmaps for high power connector and many other high power devices such as burn in and test sockets indicate that power will increase making heat dissipation problems worse. Copper beryllium alloys provide the combination of properties necessary for a connector to provide reliable service in very harsh environments.

  2. PDF icon Brush Performance Alloys High Reliability Automotive Applications

    Materion Performance Alloys’ high performance copper alloys provide automotive electrical component designers the performance and reliability that customers expect in today’s worldwide markets.

  3. PDF icon Performance Alloys Materials for Automotive Connectors

    Materion Performance Alloys’ copper alloys conductivity can be up to 60% of pure copper with hardness equivalent to that of stainless steel; in addition to providing stability by minimizing loss in contact force from stress relaxation at elevated temperatures.

  4. PDF icon Performance Alloys Materials for Automotive Switches and Relays

    Materion Performance Alloys’ copper alloys provide the longest life in cyclic loading applications, and they have the highest fatigue strength of any copper alloy suitable for use in automotive switches and relays.