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Find more technical information on the wide array of products and applications in other markets. Our advanced materials can be used in a variety of places such as high-performance racing, marine bushings, and marine winch products.

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  1. PDF icon Case Study - TorcUP Inc - Industrial Tools

    TorcUP’s Raptor Series Wrenches are used in heavy industries, where high accuracy and torque values must be applied to various fasteners. Through the use of ToughMet® alloy, TorcUP eliminated the worry of premature wear within their Raptor Series Tools and has now incorporated components made of ToughMet® alloy throughout its tool line.

  2. PDF icon Case Study - Undersea Repeater Housing

    Materion's copper-beryllium alloy is used in arrays to house sensitive electronic equipment as well as the photonic telemetry systems that provide the real time warning to onshore monitoring stations. With decades of service sheltering delicate optical amplification systems used in undersea fiber optic cables, copper beryllium provides unquestioned reliability for components immersed in seawater.

  3. PDF icon Agriculture Equipment Case Study - R. J. Herbert Engineering - Box Tipper Bushing

    Using a mild steel and oil-impregnated, sintered bronze bushing system in their box tipper’s wheel led to excessive wear and limited part life meaning downtime and replacement parts.To overcome this challenge, R. J. Herbert’s has successfully adopted a hardened steel pin and roller, working with Materion’s ToughMet® 3 AT110 bushing.

  4. PDF icon Case Study - H C Starck - Extrusion Press Ways

    A few years ago H.C. Starck began exploring options to increase up time by extending the life of the ways that support the 30,000-pound hardened steel container on their extrusion press.To combat the wear problem, H.C. Starck replaced the C95400 container ways with ToughMet® 2 CX90 alloy. Fifteen months after installation no evidence of wear was found.

  5. PDF icon Marine Bushing Case Study - The South Ferry Company

    South Ferry decided to use ToughMet® 3 CX105 alloy for the front, central and rear bushings in their ferry. After two years, the copper nickel tin bushings lasted two to three times longer than previously used bronze or steel bushings and allowed the boats to stay in the water longer between overhauls, minimizing both expense and time out of service.

  6. PDF icon Marine Winch Case Study - Markey Machinery Company

    Markey Machinery was searching for a winch material that was strong, but that also had a low coefficient of friction. ToughMet® alloy allowed Markey to produce a high-performance winch suitable for operation in the open sea with heavy loads on hawsers. ToughMet material provided higher hardness, higher strength and solved galling issues.

  7. PDF icon Case Study - Atlantic Automotive Components - MoldMAX HH Trim Molding Cost

    Atlantic Automotive Components (AAC) selected MoldMAX HH® (40 HRC) to improve part quality and reduce costs in an automotive trim component application. The switch to high conductivity MoldMAX HH® reduced cycle times to 37 seconds, saved over $100,000 and over 1300 hours of molding time each year.

  8. PDF icon Case Study - First Plastics Corp - MoldMAX LH - Skate/Bike Ramp Mold

    Using MoldMAX LH®, F&M Tool redesigned the Fly Box used in extreme sports. The high-performance alloy improved the look of the tabletop and eliminated distortion while greatly reducing cycle time and improving productivity.

  9. PDF icon Case Study - Mundimold - MoldMAX XL in Large Shipping Container Mold

    To boost the efficiency in a large pallet container, Mundimold’s turned to MoldMAX XL®, a high performance copper-nickel-tin alloy specifically designed for the plastics processing industry. The result was increased production of 50,000 more containers per year, and the ROI was realized in less than one month.

  10. PDF icon Underground Mining Case Study - Joy Mining Machinery - Sleeve Bushing

    Underground mining is one of the most demanding applications for bearings. To solve a recurring problem with steel sleeve bushings on continuous mining machines, Joy Mining Machinery switched the bushing material to Materion's unique ToughMet® alloy. Since then, there have been no reported seizures, bearing failures, or premature wear of their equipment.

  11. PDF icon Case Study - MoldMAX in Showerhead Mold

    By replacing its current steel molds with molds made of MoldMAX®, a global leader in showerhead production was able to achieve a 20% reduction in production time and produce the first shower system with a wall-mounted movable jet.

  12. PDF icon Case Study: Weatherford international Ltd - Materials for Offshore Oil & Gas

    Working with ToughMet® alloy, Weatherford reduces completion costs and increases productivity to provide measurable client value in deep water hydrocarbon wells at depths of up to 18,000 feet.

  13. PDF icon Case Study - Textron Automotive - MoldMAX XL Dash Tooling Paradigm

    Textron Automotive chose MoldMAX XL® for the central core of its innovative Instrument Panel (IP) after Materion used its infrared camera technology to identify problem spots in the mold. The improved cycle time achieved by using MoldMAX XL eliminated the need for additional machines and tooling, while greater tooling productivity also eliminated the need for additional floor space and personnel.

  14. PDF icon Case Study - SupremEX & BowMet for Higher Performance Alloys Improve Results for Connecting Rods and Bearings

    Bowman International (Bowman) and Materion Corporation (Materion) have teamed up to offer two innovative alloy solutions that meet the demands for lighter, more efficient parts for high-performance racing and automotive applications – SupremeEX® connecting rods and BowMet® bearings made of ToughMet® alloy.