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Find information about how Materion products can be used various aerospace components. Our alloys and advanced materials can be used when high strength and high performance alloys are needed and have been used throughout the aerospace industry.

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Aerospace Components


  1. PDF icon Aerospace Materials from Performance Alloys

    Materion Performance Alloys produces a number of copper beryllium, copper nickel tin, and aluminum bronze materials for use in aerospace applications, certified to various AMS, AIMS, ASNA, ABS, BMS, and MTL specifications.

  2. PDF icon Contact Springs in Two-Piece Connectors

    Connector designers frequently choose Performance Alloys’ high performance copper alloys for the spring contact beams in two-piece power connectors. These copper beryllium alloys provide both design flexibility and a cost effective solution to today’s increased performance and reliability requirements. Harsh environments, severe service and demanding applications all drive the use of high performance alloys in contact springs.

  3. PDF icon Case Study - ToughMet and Copper Beryllium Aerospace Materials

    For more than 30 years, Materion Performance Alloys has designed, invented and commercialized alloys that have advanced the aerospace industry. Our aerospace alloys, including Alloy 25 and the increasingly popular ToughMet® alloys are now widely used on all models and vintages of aircraft, enabling optimization of aircraft design, increased reliability and improved performance.