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Find information about how Materion Products can be used various Heavy Equipment, Mining and other industrial components. Our alloys and advanced materials can be used in applications such as bushings, bearings, other components

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Heavy Equipment/Mining


  1. PDF icon Agriculture Equipment Case Study - R. J. Herbert Engineering - Box Tipper Bushing

    Using a mild steel and oil-impregnated, sintered bronze bushing system in their box tipper’s wheel led to excessive wear and limited part life meaning downtime and replacement parts.To overcome this challenge, R. J. Herbert’s has successfully adopted a hardened steel pin and roller, working with Materion Performance Alloys’ ToughMet® 3 AT110 bushing.

  2. PDF icon Bearing Up Under 300 Tons

    Bearings and bushings made from ToughMet copper nickel tin from Materion Performance Alloys show improved resistance to wear and galling, longer maintenance cycles, and overall improved lifetime than comparable bushings made from steel or bronze alloys.

  3. PDF icon Off Highway Case Study - Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd Kingpin Bushing

    A traditionally problematic area of dump truck design is the upper and lower kingpin bushings on the front suspension. To overcome both wear and galling issues, engineers at Hitachi looked to Materion Performance Alloys’ ToughMet®.

  4. PDF icon Rugged Bearings Hold the Weight of Heavy Equipment

    Heavy equipment, like that used for surface mining, requires reliable bearings and bushings that can withstand harsh environments and wear and tear. ToughMet bearings and bushings from Materion Performance Alloys, a copper-nickel-tin spinodal alloy, lasted two to three times longer than the standard manganese bronze bushing when used by Bucyrus International.

  5. PDF icon Surface Mining Case Study - Bucyrus International Take-up Idler Bushing

    To gain competitive advantages for its customers, Bucyrus looked to extend the bushing life in the take-up idlers on their electric mining shovels. Bucyrus sought a high-performance material to replace the manganese bronze used in their take-up idler bushings. They chose Materion Performance Alloys’ ToughMet because of its high tensile strength and low friction.

  6. PDF icon ToughMet Load Roller Bushings Extend Maintenance Cycles on Large Electric Shovel

    In the mining industry, extending maintenance intervals lowers maintenance costs and increases productivity. L&H Industrial tested Materion Performance Alloys’ ToughMet in a shovel load roller application, finding that the copper-nickel-tin bushings would still be functional when the track required replacement at 30,000 hours. ToughMet showed very little wear, even when running without lubricatio

  7. PDF icon Underground Mining Case Study - Joy Mining Machinery - Sleeve Bushing

    Underground mining is one of the most demanding applications for bearings. To solve a recurring problem with steel sleeve bushings on continuous mining machines, Joy Mining Machinery switched the bushing material to Materion Performance Alloys’ unique ToughMet® alloy. Since then, there have been no reported seizures, bearing failures, or premature wear of their equipment.