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Find information about how Materion Products can be used various manufacturing components and industrial tools. Read the case studies about how our ToughMet Copper Nickel Alloys has been used in various applications.

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Manufacturing Equipment


  1. PDF icon Case Study - TorcUP Inc - Industrial Tools

    TorcUP’s Raptor Series Wrenches are used in heavy industries, where high accuracy and torque values must be applied to various fasteners. Through the use of ToughMet®, TorcUP eliminated the worry of premature wear within their Raptor Series Tools, and has now incorporated ToughMet® throughout its tool line.

  2. PDF icon Case Study - H C Starck - Extrusion Press Ways

    A few years ago H.C. Starck began exploring options to increase up time by extending the life of the ways that support the 30,000-pound hardened steel container on their extrusion press.To combat the wear problem, H.C. Starck replaced the C95400 container ways with Performance Alloys’ ToughMet® 2 CX90. Fifteen months after installation no evidence of wear was found.