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Read more about Plastic Tooling Alloys and MoldMax from Materion has a high thermal conductivity, ease of machining by a variety of processes, and corrosion resistance to water, cooling fluids and the plastics being injected.

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Plastic Tooling


  1. External Link A Copper-Nickel-Silicon-Chromium Alloy for Mold Tooling

    A review of the physical and mechanical properties of one copper alloy system will help moldmakers better understand how this alloy will perform thermally and mechanically in applications. [Moldmaking Technology November 2007]

  2. External Link A Review of Copper Alloys for Plastic Injection Molding

    Copper alloys are attractive to the mold industry because of their high thermal conductivity, ease of machining by a variety of processes, and corrosion resistance to water, cooling fluids and the plastics being injected. [Moldmaking Technology December 2011]

  3. External Link Material Matters- Hardness Machinability and Strength are the Bottom Line as Materials Manufacturers and Suppliers Continue to Reduce Moldmakers Leadtimes Without Sacrificing Quality or Cost

    Thanks to an explosion in offshore tooling in the U.S. over the last decade, as well as rising steel prices, domestic mold and tool shops have found it increasingly difficult to compete in the marketplace. However, better steels, including copper alloys, can solve these problems and produce a better product with increased wear resistance and higher conductivity which decreases cycle time and warping, allowing the alloys to be used as inserts in steel molds. [Moldmaking Technology November 2008]

  4. External Link MoldMAX Making the Most of High Performance Mold Materials

    Mold builders that have expertise with high conductivity alloys enjoy benefits ranging from faster cycle times to better part quality, and hold a competitive edge in a global marketplace. Thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and thermal effusivity are properties of the mold materials that enable these efficiencies to be realized. [Moldmaking Technology December 2005]

  5. PDF icon Case Study - Atlantic Automotive Components - MoldMAX HH Trim Molding Cost

    Atlantic Automotive Components (AAC) selected MoldMAX HH® (40 HRC) to improve part quality and reduce costs in an automotive trim component application. The switch to high conductivity MoldMAX HH® reduced cycle times to 37 seconds, saved over $100,000 and over 1300 hours of molding time each year.

  6. PDF icon Case Study - First Plastics Corp - MoldMAX LH - Skate/Bike Ramp Mold

    Using MoldMAX LH®, F&M Tool redesigned the Fly Box used in extreme sports. The high performance alloy from Materion Performance Alloys improved the look of the tabletop and eliminated distortion while greatly reducing cycle time and improving productivity.

  7. PDF icon Case Study - Mundimold - MoldMAX XL in Large Shipping Container Mold

    To boost the efficiency in a large pallet container, Mundimold’s turned to MoldMAX XL®, a high performance copper-nickel-tin alloy specifically designed for the plastics processing industry. The result was increased production of 50,000 more containers per year, and the ROI was realized in less than one month.

  8. PDF icon Case Study - RT Technologies - MoldMAX HH in Chair Base Mold Insert

    Learn how RT Technology, a manufacturer of well-made office furniture components, used MoldMAX HH® in core and cavity inserts in the injection molding of its office chair bases which led to a 20% faster cycle and increased overall product production, when compared to steel inserts.

  9. PDF icon Case Study - MoldMAX in Showerhead Mold

    By replacing its current steel molds with molds made of MoldMAX®, a global leader in showerhead production was able to achieve a 20% reduction in production time and produce the first shower system with a wall-mounted movable jet.

  10. PDF icon Case Study - Textron Automotive - MoldMAX XL Dash Tooling Paradigm

    Textron Automotive chose MoldMAX XL® for the central core of its innovative Instrument Panel (IP) after Materion Performance Alloys used its infrared camera technology to identify problem spots in the mold. The improved cycle time achieved by using MoldMAX XL® eliminated the need for additional machines and tooling, while greater tooling productivity also eliminated the need for additional floor space and personnel.