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Read more about how Materion Products can be used in consumer electronics. Our alloys and advanced materials can be used in LED Board to Board Connectors, Micro Mechanical Devices and Cell/Smart Phones.

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Consumer Electronics


  1. PDF icon Performance Alloys Materials for LED Board to Board Connectors

    Typically, the socket portion of the LED connector is made using a high performance alloy due to the reliability requires in harsh environments where temperature can range from -40°C to +125°C. Copper beryllium alloys, have a long history of successfully being used in harsh environments to provide reliable interconnections.

  2. PDF icon OLED Materials

    Read more about Materion's organic light emitting diode (OLED) materials for electronic displays.

  3. PDF icon Phosphor Materials

    View Materion's full line of high purity phosphor precursors for the fabrication of LED phosphors.

  4. PDF icon PVD Materials and Services for the LED Industry

    Materion provides a complete package to support LED manufacturers from precious metal sputtering targets and evaporation slugs to target bonding, shield kit cleaning and reclaim & refine services.

  5. PDF icon Semiconductor Materials

    Materion offers customized products & capabilities to meet requirements in the semiconductor, MEMS, wireless and LED markets.

  6. PDF icon Performance Alloys Materials for High Reliability Cell and Smart Phone Connectors

    Billions of dollars could be saved by improving cell phone reliability and millions of phones could avoid being discarded as electronic waste each year.Copper beryllium alloys provide the combination of properties necessary for a connector to provide reliable service. Brushform© 158 is a high-performance, heat treatable spinodal copper nickel tin alloy with strength levels similar to copper beryllium.

  7. PDF icon STT-RAM Materials

    Materion is the number one supplier of magnetic tunnel junction materials in the world to support STT-RAM requirements

  8. Web Page Connector Engineering Design Guide

    Materion Performance Alloys wants to make your alloy selection process effortless. To do that, we prepared a Design Guide to provide a framework for you to easily determine the general class of alloy necessary to fulfill the requirements of your connector application, and the temper that provides the optimum solution for your application’s operating and manufacturing parameters.