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Find information about how Materion housing products can be used for the demanding environment of deep sea telecommunications systems. Read our information on Housing for Undersea Photonic Systems.

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Telecommunications Infrastructure


  1. PDF icon Case Study - Undersea Repeater Housing

    Materion Performance Alloys’ copper beryllium alloy is used in arrays to house sensitive electronic equipment as well as the photonic telemetry systems that provide the real time warning to onshore monitoring stations. With decades of service sheltering delicate optical amplification systems used in undersea fiber optic cables, copper beryllium provides unquestioned reliability for components immersed in seawater.

  2. PDF icon Housings for Undersea Photonic Systems - Technical Conference Reprint

    Housings for undersea photonic systems, including repeatered and unrepeatered undersea cables, optical amplifiers and their power sources, must be able to withstand rigorous conditions in service and deployment, remaining leak-proof at the bottom of the ocean for decades. Innovative contributions, from manufacturing technology to quality measures, as well as future trends, were all discussed during the 4th International Convention of Undersea Communication in Kyota, Japan.