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Read more about the services Materion’s staff of metallurgists and mechanical engineers provide support to help our customers including electron beam welding, vacuum furnace brazing/processing and waterjet cutting.

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  1. PDF icon Electron Beam Welding

    With over 45 years of electron beam welding experience, Materion’s staff of metallurgists and mechanical engineers provide support to help our customers take advantage of this unique joining process.

  2. PDF icon Vacuum Furnace Brazing

  3. PDF icon Waterjet Cutting

  4. PDF icon Vacuum Furnace Brazing and Processing

    Working with many types of materials and vacuum furnace brazing processes, Materion offers a wide range of services. Design assistance and processing are available for large and small quantities of parts.

  5. PDF icon Manufacturing Services- Electron Beam Welding

    Materion offers electronic beam welding service with several advantageous features and benefits based on advanced production techniques and thorough testing. Our customers can rely on us to perform a wide variety of welding projects, using various materials, including materials considered too difficult to weld by other suppliers.

  6. PDF icon Manufacturing Services- Vacuum Furnace Brazing

    At Materion, we bring over 25 years of experience in the vacuum furnace brazing industry to our customers. Our expertise extends across many material types and vacuum furnace processes, including services ranging from design and engineering assistance, to brazing processes conducted with leading-edge technology.

  7. PDF icon Manufacturing Services- Waterjet Cutting

    From marble to rubber and many materials in between, Materion has the capability to provide abrasive waterjet stream cut materials in the size and geometric your business requires. Our CNC waterjet cutting services are based on years of experience, development and unique technological capabilities resulting in an improved finished product – offering the best-cost solutions to our customers.