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Performance Alloy News

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  1. Web Page Shipments of ToughMet are expected to Grow

    Materion has supplied copper beryllium alloys to the aerospace industry for decades. But over the past ten years, our commercial aerospace sales have taken off following the introduction of ToughMet®, our premium copper-nickel-tin alloy.

  2. Web Page Can You See Cy

    Students discover likeness of the Iowa State Cyclones cardinal mascot in a microstructure of a copper-nickel-tin alloy.

  3. Web Page Materion Introduces ToughMet 3 Sucker Rod Couplings

  4. Web Page New Forms and New Markets Ramp-Up ToughMet® Growth

    Learn about two new applications that are driving growth for Materion's high performance alloy, ToughMet®.

  5. Web Page Neilsen Invited to NACE International Committee

    A career lifetime devoted to finding metallurgical solutions to the vexing problem of corrosion in tough, or "sour" end-use operating conditions, has landed Bill Nielsen, Product/Marketing Director - Bulk Products, Performance Alloys, the honor of a prestigious assignment on a task force for NACE International, the worldwide corrosion authority.

  6. Web Page Lippert Receives Ohio Strong Award

    Upon recommendation of Terra State Community College, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel has chosen James Lippert, Materion Elmore's Manager of Maintenance Services, for the Ohio Strong Award. The Ohio Strong effort is intended to raise public awareness of Ohio's need for more dedicated men and women working in manufacturing and the skilled trades. The award recognizes men and women throughout the state who are currently excelling in careers in those areas.

  7. Web Page Honor Highlights Materions Focus on Materials Solutions

    Mike Gedeon, Applications Engineering Manager, Materion Performance Alloys, won the award for Best Tutorial Presentation at the event. Titled "Rising to the Challenge: Material Evolution to Enable Reliable Performance at Tighter Pitches and Higher Temperature", Gedeon's presentation discusses the continuing trends of making the contacts ever smaller and closer together, while at the same time exposing them to higher temperatures and passing more electrical current through them.

  8. Web Page Materion Performance Alloys is Ready for What’s Next in Electronics

    Materion Brush Performance Alloys is focused on meeting emerging electronics needs, and recently developed three new products for its BrushForm®158 product line (BF TM 12, BF TM04 and BF TM06) specifically for next-generation electronics devices.

  9. Web Page Wrapped Bearings Made of ToughMet Now Available

    Users of standard-sized wrapped bearings now have a cost-effective option for higher-performance bearings made of ToughMet® material, a unique copper-nickel-tin alloy made exclusively by Materion Performance Alloys.

  10. Web Page VCC Doubles ToughMet Capacity

    Materion Brush Performance Alloys (Materion) has added a vertical continuous caster (VCC) to its Lorain, OH, facility to meet growing demands for ToughMet, a unique copper-nickel-tin alloy.

  11. Web Page Miniature Connectors

    Few, if any, metals can match the combination of yield strength, conductivity, fatigue strength, stress relaxation resistance and other performance properties that Materion’s copper beryllium and non-beryllium-containing strip products offer.

  12. Web Page ToughMet Rolls On

    Developed primarily for use in petroleum exploration and drilling, the copper-nickel-tin alloy has gone on to find great success as a bearing, bushing and fastener material.

  13. Web Page Brush Performance Alloys Broadens Toughmet Alloy Aerospace Materials Specifications

    Aerospace Materials Specifications for ToughMet® 3 TS160U Rod/Bar and AT110 Plate were approved by AMS Committee D and published by SAE’s Aerospace Materials Division Council.

  14. Web Page ToughMet® Alloy Recognized In New Aerospace Materials Specifications

    Two Aerospace Materials Specifications for ToughMet®3 AT110 Rod/Bar and AT110 Tube were approved by the AMS Committee D and published by SAE’s Aerospace Materials Division Council. These wrought spinodal alloy product forms now are approved for improved property combinations and/or increased size range.