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AMG 50 Year Anniversary Reached



The advanced chemicals business of Materion’s Advanced Material Group celebrates its 50 year anniversary this month.  Headquartered in Milwaukee, the business was known as CERAC before it was rebranded along with other businesses into Materion Corporation (NYSE: MTRN) in 2011. Since 1964, Materion and its CERAC predecessor have been selling unique, difficult-to-make ceramic, metal and composite chemical materials globally. Today, it manufactures more than 2,000 inorganic chemicals and is at the forefront of developing innovative new products ranging from alternative energy chemicals to semiconductor grade evaporants to specialty target compositions.


“As the organization honors this 50th anniversary, we congratulate all those who contributed to its impressive technical history first as CERAC and later as Materion. We look forward to continued success as we grow together,” commented E.J. Strother, Vice President, Marketing, Materion Advanced Materials Group.  


Since its inception as a private company, retired CERAC founder Dr. Ervin Colton was known for incorporating a “new approach” to marketing products that was ahead of its time. His insistence on being a customer-focused operation was reflected in his “house rules” such as:
• Paying personal attention to all customers and casual inquirers (“Speak to them like an old friend…”)
• Positioning the company as a kind of “general country store” where all products were readily available and easily/speedily purchased
To this day, employees remain true to the values Dr. Colton instilled for forging strong relationships with customers and which are now an integral part of Materion’s service approach

Expanded Product Line

Over the years, CERAC built a solid reputation for quality products and for its ability to develop materials others could not. This includes products like boron silicide, a material with special heat-resistant properties that is applied to the tiles on the under belly of NASA’s Space Shuttles to protect them during re-entry.

Due to a rising demand for various fluoride materials, used in applications such as optical coatings and anti-counterfeit currency coatings, the Milwaukee facility has constructed an additional building to accommodate the expansion. Under the brand Materion, the product line continues to broaden with customization of materials to meet customer requirements. Specialty materials composed of high purity silver, aluminum and magnesium, essential to new generation mobile device and television displays, are under continual development as Materion moves into its next 50 years.