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Materion Presents Design Seminar

Materion, one of the world’s premier advanced materials solutions providers, presented a half-day Design Seminar titled “Materials Solutions for Demanding Applications” in Kingwood, Texas on April 21. Directed toward the oil and gas industry, it addressed applications that place high stress on materials and equipment and the impact on performance.

A team of engineers representing Materion Advanced Materials Group, Precision Optics and Electrofusion, addressed such industry problems as corrosion, wear and galling. They introduced attendees to products that could resolve these issues such as Materion’s copper beryllium and new high toughness tempers of ToughMet® alloys. They presented detailed information about the characteristics of these materials, what applications were best served by each, and the environments where they outperform other materials.

Other topics of related interest were presented including electronic packaging, high temperature brazing, optical filters and x-ray window materials. Material samples were available to examine and there a question and discussion period.

Materion is a global company offering engineered advanced materials for a wide range of markets including industrial, consumer electronics, defense and science, aerospace, automotive electronics, telecommunications infrastructure, medical and energy.

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