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Materion Expands Phosphor Materials Manufacturing Capability

Savvy consumers are being driven to replace current household light bulbs with light-emitting diodes (LED) to reduce energy consumption and costs. This shift away from traditional lighting has caused the LED market to double between 2006 and 2011 with growth projected to continue.  To support this dynamic global industry, Materion has significantly enhanced its production of critical phosphor materials critical to to all types of LED lighting.

Materion Boosts Production

The fast-growing LED industry is always seeking ways to improve performance and lower costs. Materion produces consistent, high quality inorganic compounds used in the manufacture of LED phosphors that deliver more lumens per dollar. “Customers come to us because of our chemical expertise and ability to synthesize and handle these exceptional materials in high-volume applications,” says E.J. Strother, VP and Strategic Business Unit Leader at Materion Advanced Materials Group.

To meet the accelerating demand for LED phosphor materials, Materion has:

  • Expanded production space, designed as a "Production Work Cell,” for leaner manufacturing
  • Added new dedicated processing equipment to increase handling capacity
  • Improved process and engineering controls for greater operational efficiency

LED Technology – The Future

The general lighting industry is engaged in new and evolving LED technologies supported actively by Materion.  Specific LED lighting qualities and colors are achieved through various compounds. When existing compounds won’t do, Materion develops specially formulated compositions to achieve the necessary characteristics.  Quantities can also be easily scaled to suit small or large production requirements.

With today’s focus on energy saving, the demand for LED lighting is expected to climb. Materion’s latest expansion of its phosphor materials capabilities demonstrates the company’s commitment to the industry. Summarizing, EJ Strother commented, “Materion is dedicated to bringing more efficient and cost-effective LED lighting to the world.”

Materion employs a diverse group of chemists, metallurgists and material technologists to develop and manufacture inorganic chemicals and large area coating materials for applications including solar panels, LED products, architectural and automotive glass, project display products, opthalmics and specialty thin film coatings. Website: