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With the acquisition of the Heraeus target materials business in March 2017, Materion has increased its target manufacturing and service capabilities, as well as significantly expanded its global presence in Europe and Asia. It also provided the opportunity in July for Materion to consolidate its Taiwan operations to the former Heraeus advanced manufacturing facility.

This new Materion Taiwan facility, located in the Luzhu district, will continue to offer the same impeccable standard of production quality customers have come to expect. They will be able to count on us to use the identical materials, machinery and bonding processes as before.

There are a number of advantages with the move to a larger facility and increase in the number of employees. It allows Materion Taiwan to expand local services and manufacture a broader range of products including display targets, semiconductor targets and PV targets. These advancements in manufacturing operations demonstrate Materion’s most important goal - to offer customers the highest quality products that provide superior performance.

In addition to the enhanced facility in Taiwan, Materion has expanded its capabilities in Germany and the US. With all these advancements, Materion is committed to our customers as invested partners and looks forward to a secure future in Taiwan.

For more information about Materion Taiwan and its expanded capabilities, please contact Alan Mai, Regional Sales Manager,