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Materion Employee Honored with Invite to ASM’s 2014 Class of Fellows

Don Hashiguchi, Beryllium & Composites, recognized by peer members of The American Society for Metals.

At Materion, we take pride in volunteering and giving back to professional organizations in the industries we serve.  Don Hashiguchi, Principal Scientist, Beryllium & Composites, has been an active member of The American Society for Metals for nearly 30 years, the same as his tenure with Materion.

Founded in 1913, ASM is today the world's largest association of metals-focused materials scientists and engineers with over 30,000 members worldwide. A member and volunteer-based organization, ASM serves as a central resource that gathers the latest applied information from the field and shares it through local chapter meetings, international conferences and expositions, educational courses and various technical publications.

On October 14th, at the organization's annual awards dinner in Pittsburgh, Don will join the ASM's 2014 Class of Fellows.  Noted Don, "It is an honor to be elected as a Fellow. About two dozen people per year out of 30,000 globally are awarded this honor (a 0.08% chance), and therefore the recognition from Metals and Material Scientist peers is touching as well as humbling."

The honor of Fellow of the Society was established in 1969 to provide recognition to members for distinguished contributions in the field of material science and engineering, and to develop a broadly based forum for technical and professional leaders to serve as advisors to the Society.


Hashiguchi ASM Fellow

Criteria for the Fellows Award are: