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Materion Employees Contribute Their Expertise

ASM HandbookIt should come as no surprise that the team who rewrote the chapter "Beryllium and Aluminum Beryllium Alloys" in the American Society of Metals’ (ASM) Handbook Volume 7: Powder Metallurgy, were all Materion employees:

  • Mark Svilar (Performance Alloys), 
  • Aaron Sayer (Beryllium & Composites) 
  • Amanda Morales (Beryllium & Composites)
  • Don Hashiguchi (Beryllium & Composites) 

ASM International publishes the 34-volume set of Metals Handbooks. Walk by any metallurgist's office or library, almost anywhere in the world and you will see specific volumes of the Handbook on their desk or book shelf. They are great reference books that no other organization produces around the world. And, in keeping pace with publishing technology, they’re available as an eBook as well as hard copy.

The handbooks, have an extremely long shelf life, and serve to educate thousands of metallurgists globally. The last edition of Volume 7 was published in 1998, nearly 17 years ago and the review and revision process for this latest volume started in 2012.

The team was pleased to update the new edition with the hopes to keep the new generation of designers informed of one of Materion's beryllium-based product lines. Here are some of the highlights of what was updated:

  • The technology used to refine beryllium hydroxide into beryllium metal (The "Pebble Plant" – opened in 2012.)
  • Powder atomization and characterization of beryllium and aluminum-beryllium alloys. The section highlights key developments made by Materion employees in the growth of AlBeMet powder metallurgy including: 

- Adam Carr, Manager of Process Engineering

- Fritz Grensing, Vice President of Alloy Technology and

- Don Hashiguchi, Principal Engineer

  • The use of spherical beryllium in NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) space telescope is also mentioned. 
  • Advances made with high specific modulus, low CTE metal matrix composite E-Materials that contain metallic beryllium and beryllium oxide. 
  • Advances of manufacturing processes to control package cost are also described including Near-Net-Shape consolidation methods such as hot isostatic pressing or cold isostatic pressing followed by vacuum sintering. 
  • Machining advances to control cost include wire electric discharge machining (EDM), high speed CNC machining and slurry sawing.

To purchase the Volume 7 handbook, simply click on the following link, or call the ASM International Service Center at 800.336.5152.