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How Do You Watch Your Favorite TV Programs

Gone are the days when you could only watch your favorite television program at home during prime time. Technology has enabled increased choices and consumers have become accustomed to controlling the wide array of content at their fingertips. Now you can watch anytime, anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, computer or television.  A recent report by research firm eMarketer indicates that the average amount of time Americans spent with digital media per day has for the first time surpassed TV-viewing time.  A new term has arisen called “time-shifted viewing” to describe the phenomenon.

As reported by Nielsen Research, the total media consumed is growing and is not a generational story – with growth in digital platform usage across all age groups. With smartphones topping 70% penetration and tablets inching toward the 50% mark, the growth in digital consumption can only increase Materion’s strong and expanding base in consumer electronics.

Materion is perfectly positioned to ride this trend upward as our materials continue to be pivotal in the devices that are increasingly becoming prevalent in our everyday lives.

  • Smartphones and tablets use our ultra-thin gauge alloys to improve camera performance.
  • Our precious and non-precious metals are used in radio frequency filters and amplifiers that enable wireless communications and are deposited as thin film materials in the production of semiconductor-based devices of all types. 
  • Materion supplies high-purity silver, aluminum and magnesium materials, which are essential to active matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) panels for mobile devices and televisions. Thinner, higher-resolution AMOLED panels offer richer color displays, reduced power consumption and more options in display curvature and flexibility. 
  • Last year we introduced three copper-nickel-tin thin gauge alloys and several clad metal solutions for next-generation electronics devices. 
  • We also established a base in gaming devices with our gesture control optical filters. 
  • Other future growth targets include new solid-state storage technologies and non-traditional applications for thermal imaging.

Ours continues to be a very exciting mission – to help our customers meet the challenges of tomorrow through material innovations that help to create a better world today.