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By 2018, 50% of new light vehicles will have intelligent battery management systems, up from 15% today.

Source:Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.

The global market for automotive electronics is set to rise to $240 billion by 2020, up more than 50% from 2010, according to IHS Inc.Today a premium-class automobile contains 100 million lines of software running on 70 to 100 microprocessor-based electronic control units. Our alloys and clad composite materials ensure stable electrical connections and rugged power supplies, and help reduce costs through streamlined manufacturing, miniaturization and lightweighting.

Our display technologies and optical filters for dashboard gesture control systems can help manage sensory workload and change the way people interface with their vehicles, improving their overall experience, safety and satisfaction.

Electron Beam WeldingCurrent-sensing Resistance Alloys

Batteries are at the heart of the automotive electrification initiative, enabling technologies that reduce weight and drive advances in fuel efficiency. With the ever-increasing demand placed on batteries, intelligent battery management systems are rapidly becoming standard equipment to monitor the charge and ensure energy is available to support critical functions – on conventional automobiles as well as electric and hybrid vehicles. Materion is working with electronics components leader Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. to produce high-performance shunt resistors for this growing market. Utilizing precision resistance alloys produced by Performance Alloys and electron beam welding at Technical Materials, we supply Vishay with performance materials that provide highly consistent and repeatable
electrical performance.