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Materion publishes news and announcements from Materion Microelectronics. Find news about products, awards and new materials.

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  1. Web Page End Products - Broad Applications for Thin Films

    As diverse as the applications are for thin film coating materials and chemicals, so is Materion’s range of capabilities and product offerings to serve them.

  2. Web Page Enhance Your Sputter Deposition Yield with the Materion Approach

    The goal is to improve sputter processing time, maximize deposition yield and produce quality end products. Materion addresses each of those objectives.

  3. Web Page Inorganic Chemical Corner: “Element of Interest” – Cerium

    Cerium is widely used as a coating for specialty optics.

  4. Web Page IR Coating Designs and Applications

    Materion offers a comprehensive range of optical coating materials.

  5. Web Page Latest on New Materials - Fluoride

    Fluorides are pervasive in modern technology. Materion’s global network of fluoride technical specialists can provide you with a variety of materials, industry-leading advice, service and support.

  6. Web Page LED lighting

    Materion supplies specially formulated inorganic compounds used in the manufacture of LED phosphors.

  7. Web Page Materion Wins Best Poster Award of CS Mantech Show

    Materion Senior Scientist presents findings on Gold Spitting During Evaporation.

  8. Web Page Q & A – IR Coating Designs & Applications

    Responses to questions on IR coating designs and materials.

  9. Web Page Starter Sources Improve Yield Reduce Downtime

    Materion supports industry demand for starter sources to replace traditional electron beam evaporation slugs.

  10. Web Page Supporting IR Applications - Materion Optical Thin Film Materials

    We are the premier producer of high purity optical coating materials for such industries as commercial, aerospace, military and medical industries.

  11. Web Page Ultra-Pure Gold

    Materion is one of the world’s largest suppliers of gold products with a purity of 99.999% or greater.

  12. Web Page Window Glass: More than Meets the IR!

    Largely unknown is the technology required to produce today’s typical windows.

  13. Web Page Analog Devices Supplier of the Year Award

    Materion’s Microelectronics and Services’ Ireland facility was awarded Analog Devices’ 2010 Supplier of the Year Award for outstanding customer support.

  14. Web Page Check Out Our New Webpages!

    Microelectronics & Services releases enhanced webpages.

  15. Web Page Customer Face to Face

    Materion was well-represented at this year’s CS Mantech conference

  16. Web Page Face-to-Face Around Materion

    Meet Ramesh Kothandapani, a Materion Application Manager in Singapore

  17. Web Page ICAP – Workhorse of Materion’s Analytical Lab

    Tool highly used for chemical analysis of precious metal content of samples

  18. Web Page Materion Enters Partnership with Taiwan Company

    Materion Corporation has signed a distribution agreement with Singway Technologies Co., Ltd expanding Materion’s reach into Taiwan.

  19. Web Page Materion Honored with Skyworks Supplier of the Year Award

  20. Web Page Materion Microelectronics & Services acquires Irish company

    The acquisition of OMC Scientific Holdings expands the services we can offer at Materion Microelectronics & Services, including enhanced PVD service capabilities.

  21. Web Page Materion Nozzle Combo LidsTM - Novel Packaging Technology

    How Materion meets the challenge for an air tight packaging environment.

  22. Web Page Materion Products Benefit the Wireless Industry

    Materion offers multiple product lines to support the wireless industry from PVD materials to lids and solders and packaging and precious metal support.

  23. Web Page Materion Provides Optimal Thin Film Uniformity

    Materion addresses requirement for thinner deposited film layers for reduced size electronic devices.

  24. Web Page Materion Purchases Lid Product Line from Micross Components

    Materion Microelectronics & Services is proud to announce that it has purchased the capabilities of the epoxy-coated lid product line from Micross Components USA, allowing it to offer the RF and microwave markets both the ceramic package and its matching epoxy-coated lid.

  25. Web Page Materion Raises the Bar on Precision Parts Cleaning

    Our ancillary services range from precious metal recovery to disposal parts management.

  26. Web Page Metal Management Services Offer Variety of Options

    Materion offers assistance in managing precious metals procurement.

  27. Web Page New Clean Room Exceeds Industry Standard

    The Buffalo facility has constructed a state-of-the-art clean room to support our customers’ stringent standards.

  28. Web Page New Wafer Scanner Improves Product Quality

    New equipment quantifies results during performance testing.

  29. Web Page Official Rules Sweepstakes - CS Mantech Trade Show

    Materion Microelectronics & Services Giveaway at CS Mantech Trade Show

  30. Web Page Reducing Nodules on Sputtering Targets

    Materion solution to nodule formation -reduce particulate contamination in the sputtering targets.

  31. Web Page Silver - What’s Happening in the Market?

    Materion produces a variety of silver-based products and monitors silver prices

  32. Web Page Thin Film Materials Fast - New Materion Store Goes Online

    New eCommerce website offers products and value-added features such as conversion tools and exclusive technical information.