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CS Mantech: Paper Presentation and iPad Drawing

At this year’s CS Mantech Conference (April 23-26), Materion's Alan Duckham presented a paper entitled   PVD Magnetron Sputtering Parameters and their Effect on the Composition of AuSn Solder.  It was co-authored with Heiner Lichtenberger, and NEXX System’s Steve Golovato and George Seryogin. 
Materion, as a producer of precious metals sputtering targets and leader in the development of gold base solders, and NEXX, a producer of semiconductor process equipment, partnered to develop a smarter solution for producing precision AuSn solder films.  The achieved goal was to optimize the manufacturing methods for producing AuSn sputtering targets and control the composition of sputtered solder for customer’s optimal thin film deposition.  To view the paper, click here.

Materion also exhibited our patented Epo-LidTM, the cost-effective solution for hermetic package sealing in RF and microwave applications.  When combined with the Materion line of microelectronic packaging products, the Epo-LidTM creates a superior seal and is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and configurations or custom-designed to meet specific requirements.

In support of the CS Mantech tradeshow, and to thank those who visited with us at our booth, Materion held a raffle for two iPads, drawn from their business cards. The winners were: Michael Barsky of Northrup Grumman and Homan Khaki of Skyworks, both of California