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Face-to-Face Around Materion

From his home in Singapore, meet Ramesh Kothandapani, an Application Manager in the Materion Advanced Materials Group. Ramesh has been with Materion for 14 years and reports to Lee Chee Kong, Vice President of the Asia Pacific region.

As part of his responsibilities, Ramesh provides application support to meet in-house requirements and engages with customers to discuss new projects and introduce Materion products and services.  He has also been instrumental in the development of new packaging-related products like our patented Combo LidsTM, and others such as Preform, RF packages, Epo-LidsTM, Visi-LidsTM , Nozzle Combo LidsTM, Getter lids, selective plated lids, non-magnetic lids, and special tack welding services such as double-sided tack welding, and ceramic lid tack welding.   Among his successful Materion projects in Asia, Ramesh worked on a three-member team that filed for two company patents in 2006 and another in 2011.

Ramesh commented that he is “proud to be part of the dedicated team in Singapore” and thankful for the “support from other Materion facilities, especially the sales and marketing teams that make it easy to reach out to customers to provide a better service.”

Both Ramesh and his wife are from South India and migrated to Singapore after marrying. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he was pleased to join Williams (Materion) Advanced Materials in 1998. His wife is a teacher and mother of three daughters, two in primary school and one in high school.  Ramesh is proud of his caring family and when not busy with his children, enjoys motor biking, and keeping up with his reading and writing.

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