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To meet our customers’ stringent standards and increase our production, Materion has constructed an additional “Clean Room” at its Buffalo facility. The benefit of this cleaner work area is the elimination of contaminants that could compromise a customer’s target sputtering performance.

The new 750 square foot facility took approximately three months to build and was designed to provide a state-of-the-art clean environment to supplement the one currently in use.  It is now operational under the direction of Rick Stevens for final inspection, finish cleaning and sealing of all targets for the target/bonding departments. The room features two laminar flow hoods, rated at ISO 14644-1, Class 3, in which targets are final-cleaned and sealed, a C-Scan operated by Josh Bateman, which inspects bond integrity, and a new Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) used for the inspection of targets and backing plates.

Materion built its newest state-of-the-art clean room in order to meet and exceed the rising standards for cleaner environments. Mark DeVillier, Vice President of Operations, commented on the new addition: “We are committed to production technologies that support our customers’ demand for high-performance, high-reliability material solutions. With the new clean room, Materion provides the highest quality target assembly in the market.” 

In addition to precious and non-precious metal targets, Materion offers a comprehensive network of products and services for the sputtering industry.  Beyond our broad range of highly engineered alloys, we offer target backing plates, complete bonding service, and target recycling and refining services to providing a total cost advantage .