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Size Availability and Product Forms Increased

Mayfield Heights, OH – Jan 27, 2012— Aerospace Materials Specifications for ToughMet® 3 TS160U Rod/Bar and AT110 Plate were approved by AMS Committee D and published by SAE’s Aerospace Materials Division Council.

AMS 4597A for cold worked TS160U rod/bar extends the diameter range to 3.25 inches with no change in properties.  Breakthroughs in processing were responsible for increasing the commercial size range.

AMS 4595 establishes AT110 plate up to 4.5 inches thick, making it a viable new product for aerospace and other markets. 

The ToughMet® family of copper-nickel-tin alloys exhibit high strength, excellent wear and corrosion resistance, and are used in many demanding aerospace, chemical, and industrial applications.  ToughMet® 3 also has superior friction and wear characteristics making it an ideal material for bearing and bushing designs in demanding applications such as in aircraft landing gear and airfoil controls where high strength and wear resistance is required.

AMS standards enable easy ordering of materials by aircraft manufacturers and reflect rigorous statistical evaluation of property limits, assuring that producers have reliable manufacturing processes.  In addition, these standards are fundamental to the qualification process for new materials by aircraft manufacturers and give assurance that the supply chain will provide proper material.

In addition to ToughMet®, Brush Performance Alloys’ copper-beryllium alloys are also recognized in the AMS system.