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Materion publishes news and announcements from Materion Precision Optics. Find information on industry case studies, product updates and other announcements.

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  1. Webpage Materion's Products Are Truly out of This World

    Learn how our precision optics helped aid the successful Gaia satellite mission by providing coatings for the optical payloads of the RVS and photometers.

  2. Webpage In the Satellite Market Its a Small World After All

    Until fairly recently, the satellite market for Materion Precision Optics' multispectral filter arrays consisted almost entirely of large government-sponsored programs, but now the commercial market is poised to grab a portion of the market.

  3. Webpage Cassini Space Probe Goes Down in Blaze of Glory with Materion Filters Unfailing

    All of the images and optical data transmitted by Cassini over the years, was assisted or enabled by filters supplied by Materion Precision Optics.

  4. Webpage Materion Precision Optics Enables Scientific Research of Total Solar Eclipse

    Specialized filters from Materion Precision Optics in place on a large number of satellites and observatory telescopes will play an essential role in the collection of scientific data only available during total eclipses.

  5. Webpage Materion ProIR Filters Allow Rapid R and D Prototyping

    Materion Precision Optics is announcing a new line of ProIR filters which will be offered in a range of wavelengths to meet individual customer needs.

  6. Webpage Materion Precision Optics Acquires Gettering Capabilities for Wafer Level Processing

    Materion announces that its Precision Optics business has acquired the proprietary thin film gettering technology and related intellectual property assets from Integrated Sensing Systems (ISS).

  7. Web Page ArrayTec™ Filter Arrays Introduced

    Materion Precision Optics expands filter array options with new family of technology designs.

  8. Web Page Enabling New-to-Market Laser Cinema TV Systems

    Read how Materion's next-generation phosphor wheel product is advancing television and home entertainment systems.

  9. Web Page Surge of Photonics Applications Lights Up the Precision Optics Business

    Learn about two new photonics applications Materion Precision Optics is developing.

  10. Web Page Precision Optics Onboard NASAs New Horizons Spacecraft

    Precision Optics onboard NASA's New Horizons spacecraft as it approaches the finish of its Pluto-Kuiper Belt Mission.

  11. Web Page Filter Arrays

    Materion’s new filter array technology enables more imaging data and higher image resolution in a smaller package.

  12. Web Page Materion Precision Optics to Receive Massachusetts Training Grant

    Materion Precision Optics was one of 72-Massachusetts-based companies to receive a portion of the $8.2 million in Workforce Training Fund grants.

  13. Web Page Targeted Gesture Control

    The specialized optical filters designed and produced by Materion are an essential component of gesture control systems.

  14. Web Page Large Area Optics Lab Fully Operational

    Undertakaing major astronomy projects in five countries.

  15. Web Page Materion Acquires EIS Optics Limited

    Materion Corporation announces that the Company, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Materion Advanced Materials Technologies and Services Inc., has acquired EIS Optics Limited.

  16. Web Page Materion Expands Capabilities of Large Optics Coating Facility

    Manufacture and testing for extremely large optical fitlers enhanced.

  17. Web Page Materion is Back on Mars

    NASA's spacecraft Curiosity has landed on Mars and contains material from two Materion business units.

  18. Web Page Multi-Million Dollar Wafer Level Coating Cell

    Manufacture and testing for extremely large optical filters enhanced.

  19. Web Page New Polarized Dichroic Filter

    Materion technology advances projection display.