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Materion publishes news and announcements from Materion Technical Materials. Find news about clad metals and electron beam welding.

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  1. Web Page 3 Top EV Trends from the Battery Show Europe 2019

    The Battery Show Europe 2019 bought together many advanced battery and electric vehicle (EV) technology providers. Read about the trends that our team saw for EVs in Europe.

  2. Web Page Celebrating 40 Years of Electron Beam Welding

    In 1974 TMI commissioned its first reel-to-reel electron beam welder to support electrical switching products, welding silver contact materials onto copper spring alloys. Today Materion Technical Materials operates five electron beam welders, making it one of the world’s leading producers of engineered welded strip.

  3. Web Page A Clad Metal Breakthrough

    Faced with rising fuel economy and emissions standards around the globe, auto makers are turning to new approaches to improve their fuel efficiency.

  4. Web Page New Products Hold Promise for Future Growth Platforms

    Learn more about Materion's new material, eStainless™, offers significant market opportunity in the consumer electronics market.