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Tim Landvatter

Face-to-Face Meet:

Tim Landvatter, Sr. Development Chemist, has been a key player at Materion and its predecessor CERAC for over 27 years since first accepting employment after college graduation. He currently focuses on product development for the inorganic chemical business which entails creating new specific materials for customers as well as enhancing existing products. He reports directly to Katie Gardinier, Advanced Materials Group Director of Technology. 

When asked what he likes best about employment with Materion, Tim responded: “I really enjoy working with such a diverse product mix. It is amazing the range of different technologies that employ our products. Also, a great bunch of fellow employees and a chance to contribute to the success of the company make this more than just a job.”

While Tim occasionally travels to visit with customers, suppliers or to attend a conference or trade show, he has lived most of his life in Wisconsin and currently resides in Milwaukee. He holds a B.S. in Chemistry degree from the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse. Tim’s older brother also has a B.S. in Chemistry, so they often swap stories on whether inorganic chemistry or organic chemistry is the “better” field.

When not dealing with chemicals, Tim is somewhat of a gym rat who weight trains. In the warm weather months, his passion is motorcycles!