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Material News Stats & Chats

Following are individual articles contained in recent issues of the Materials News Stats & Chats (formerly Microelectronics) Newsletter.

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  1. Webpage 5G: Technology of the Future

    As the next-generation of wireless communications, 5G will have the ability to connect people, machines, and smart devices.

  2. Webpage Advanced Memory for Emerging Nonvolatile Memory Market

    As the emerging non-volatile memory market evolves and expands, Materion continues to develop and produce high-quality premium target materials for next-generation memory and data storage devices, including materials for the STTRAM and PCRAM markets.

  3. Webpage Expanded Target Materials Production

    Materion has enlarged its global capacity for manufacturing planar and rotary targets.

  4. Webpage Zirconium Oxide Sputtering Targets

    A notably difficult material to sputter by standard methods, Zirconium Oxide targets and technology will enable leading edge sputtering for glass coating applications.

  5. Webpage A Brilliant Solution to a Global Problem

    Materion offers products and materials to support a spectrum of solar technologies including concentrated solar power, concentrated photovoltaic, thin film solar cells, and conventional crystalline silicon solar panels.

  6. Webpage Rotatable Targets Support Architectural Glass Industry

    Learn how Materion Advanced Materials, developer and manufacturer of rotatable sputtering targets, is actively involved with exciting advances in the large area glass industry.

  7. Web Page HAMR Technology Advances Hard Disk Drive Industry

    Materion provides high purity thin film materials for enabling HAMR technologies to develop.

  8. Web Page Implications of Impurities in Sputter Targets and Evaporation Sources

    Materion Materion ensures individual sources are of the highest quality and conform batch-to-batch.

  9. Web Page Magnetic Targets Attracting Attention

    Materion fabricates hundreds of different magnetic alloy sputter target materials.

  10. Web Page Materion Doubly Honored

    Materion received Awards from ON Semiconductor for "perfect quality" and from Analog Devices (ADI) for "supplier excellence."

  11. Web Page Microelectronics Packaging Developments

    Materion's new lid designs meet needs in Asia for range of semiconductor, MEMS, medical and optical applications.

  12. Web Page Booming MEMS Business

    Market and Technology Update - Materion supporting developing MEMS technologies

  13. Web Page Protection Against Disturbance in the Force-EMI Shielding

    Materion is a leader in producing sputtering targets for advanced EMI shielding.

  14. Web Page Recovering Precious Metal-Shield Kit Cleaning Value

    Materion's proprietary chemical cleaning processes clean shield kits and return higher value precious metals.

  15. Web Page Semiconductor Support Under One Roof in Ireland

    Materion's Advanced materials faciity in Limerick, Ireland has undergone a significant upgrade and expansion.

  16. Web Page Semiconductor Trend-Bigger Wafers

    Materion explores factors to consider for the semiconductor industry in reducing costs particularly wafer size.

  17. PDF icon Stats and Chats April 2015

    This issue covers a range of topics including LEDs, EMI shielding, precious metal recovery from PVD processes and semiconductors.

  18. PDF icon Stats and Chats August 2015

    Materion's latest newsletter offers coverage on semiconductor wafer size, HAMR technology, clean rooms and more.

  19. PDF icon Stats and Chats November 2015

    Materion's quarterly newsletter covering semiconductors, PVD thin films and precious metals information.

  20. Web Page Breakthrough in PVD Parts Cleaning

    Materion's new tecnology for chemical deposition removal from copper chamber parts.

  21. Web Page Target Bonding Issues

    The integrity of the bond between the sputtering target and the backing plate is critical to performance and cost.

  22. Web Page The Cleanest Room of All

    Materion meets semiconductor cleanliness levels.

  23. Web Page Time for a Switch-White Light LEDs

    Materion is contributing advanced materials that assist in white light LEDS replacing traditional lighting!

  24. Web Page Ultra Pure Gold

    Materion is one a very few companies that is able to consistently refine gold up to 99.999% purity level.

  25. Web Page VCSEL Technology Now Invading Homes!

    Materion supplies PVD metals used to form metal contacts to VCSELs and for optical filters used with VCSELs for gesture recognition systems.

  26. Web Page Why Gold Spits During Evaporation

    Materion works with customers to minimize spitting.

  27. Webpage Summit Gathers Channel Partners in Macao

    Materion welcomes sales representatives to networking conference.

  28. Web Page Copper Parts Cleaning

    Materion’s cost effective new chemical cleaning process.

  29. Webpage Introducing COVERexpress

    Materion's new service that provides customers with packaging materials in half the time.

  30. Web Page Enhanced Sputter Targets

    Materion produces sputter target designs that provide improved performance, increased target life and ultimately lower costs.

  31. Web Page Expanding Representation to South America

    Materion welcomes new channel partner for customers in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

  32. Web Page Face to Face Around Materion Daniel Ha

    Meet Daniel Ha, Sr. Director of Sales for Asia

  33. Webpage Face to Face Around Materion Simon Osborne

    Meet Materion's Channel Sales manager for Advanced Materials in Hungerford, UK.

  34. Webpage Killing Germs with LEDS

    Materion UV-C Windows Aid Germicidal Applications

  35. Webpage Magnesium and Magnesium Oxide for MTJs

    Magnesium and Magnesium Oxide for MTJs