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5G: Technology of the Future is Here

Although in its infancy, 5G is already proving to have a significant impact on the world.  As the next-generation of wireless communications, 5G will have the ability to connect people, machines, and smart devices. With increased capacity, lower latency, and faster speeds, 5G technology will allow users to transmit considerable amounts of data more quickly and reliably than ever before.

From enhancing user experience on mobile devices, to expanding the capability of the Internet of Things, to enhancing autonomous driving, and enabling new services that could help transform industries, the implementation of 5G will revolutionize the way we live.

Endless Opportunities for a Transformed World

When thinking about the capabilities 5G will allow us, the possibilities are endless – for both consumers and industry. From increasing the speed and capabilities of smartphones and mobile devices, to enhancing virtual reality and augmented reality, that’s just the beginning of what 5G will be able to do. 5G will transform the world in which we live, both economically and technologically.

This enhanced network will allow us to connect massive amounts of sensors for all types of IoT applications. We will even have the ability to develop and implement cutting edge communication services controlled by remote control devices, including critical infrastructure, vehicles and medical procedures.

The Materion Advantage

As 5G continues to roll-out, we’re equipped to support industries leveraging 5G technology with a variety of precious metal alloys for sputter targets and evaporation slugs. Our sputter targets and evaporation materials are proven solutions for the fabrication of various RF semiconductor devices and advanced, high frequency RF filters. Additionally, our PVD materials are used to fabricate cutting-edge GaAs and GaN RF devices used in mobile devices, wireless modems and wireless infrastructure.

Materion manufactures special aluminum alloys for the reactive sputtering of piezoelectric thin films used in advanced BAW and FBAR RF filters. Our packaging group offers low cost ceramic air cavity packages with 50 leads that support device operation up to 8 GHz. We are also the leader in AuSn solder preforms and sputter targets that are used for die attach with superlative performance and reliability.

Materion also offers a complete precious metal lifecycle management, including precision parts cleaning of shield kits, precious metal reclaim and refining.

To learn more about our products that support the manufacture 5G technology, please contact Rich Koba, Product Marketing Manager at