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As the emerging non-volatile memory (NVM) market evolves and expands, Materion continues to develop and produce high-quality premium target materials for next generation memory and data storage devices.

Emerging advanced memory solutions combine distinct technical advantages over traditional memory:

  • Non-volatile
  • Endurance
  • Speed

Helping solve the challenges of cost and NVM materials scalability for memory manufacturers, Materion collaborates with non-volatile memory industry experts, OEMs, and development partners to ensure that our customers are served with the most advanced next generation materials.


For over 20 years, Materion has served the data storage markets with magnetic tunnel junction materials in the form of high-quality premium targets, custom alloy sputtering targets and thin-film services. Materion’s history and expertise in manufacturing difficult magnetic materials enables customers in the STTRAM market to realize distinct technical material advantages, including  longer life targets for higher uptime, lower cost of ownership, high purity, increased pass through flux, reduced particles, and high boron alloys.


Materials Available: Co, CoFe CoFeB, FeB, Fe, Ir, Mg, MgO, MnIr, Ni, NiFe, Pt, Ru, Ta, W



Materion premium precious metal targets support the PCRAM market, offering more than 50 years of experience handling toxic materials and has synthesized more than 30 unique chalcogenide-based target compositions for the photovoltaic market. We are compliant with all Code of Federal Regulations for producing and shipping hazardous materials including EPA 40, OSHA 29, and DOT 29.


Materials Available: GST targets with varying ratios and/or alloyed with other elements; OTS targets that are As, Se, or Te-based alloys with 2 to 6+ elements

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