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Expanding Representation to South America

New Channel Partner Welcomed

To broaden availability of its products and services, Materion Advanced Materials Group coordinates a network of direct Sales Representatives in multiple global locations.  These “channel partners” represent Materion in Europe (UK, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Russia); in the Mid-East (Israel); Asia (Philippines, Singapore, China, Japan, Taiwan) and in the United States. Recent visits to India and Singapore are exploring their potential as future channel partners.

Working with local channel partners offers distinct customer advantages.  One of the most important is that it provides closer access, making it more convenient to do business within the same time zone. Also, representatives who live in the geographical area they are servicing, speak the native language and are more knowledgeable about local industry requirements.

Why South America?

The semiconductor industry is expanding internationally, largely driven by the consumer market for electronics.  In South America, this is creating a demand for PVD materials and microelectronic packaging materials to support that industry. As a world leader in high quality thin film deposition materials and packaging products, Materion prepared to meet that need. The best means to service our South American customers was for Materion to add a local presence by establishing a new channel partner.

New Channel Partner

Materion is pleased to have HTMG as our newest channel partner to represent us with customers in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and other nations in South America.  During the channel partner negotiations, Claudinei Martins, Managing Director, and Ricardo Azzari, Sales Coordinator of HTMG, toured the Buffalo, New York facility.  While in the U.S., they also received thorough grounding in Materion products as well as training in PVD materials and microelectronic packaging.  The new partners were impressed by the scope of Materion’s manufacturing capabilities and broad range of material offerings.

HTMG Staff S. America_Channel Partners


HTMG is located in the Campinas region, about 100 Km from São Paulo city. This area is one of Brazil’s most prevalent regions for high tech industries, while their local stock and distribution center is located in São Paulo City.
Beyond Brazil, HTMG also has a presence in several key South American markets including Argentina, Colombia and Chile. HTMG addresses a range of customer needs for specialized products and new product applications. They are now offering high quality Materion products and services to the growing industries of South America.

For More Information

Through our channel partners, Materion’s goal is to offer customers the best materials solutions available in the global market. For further information, contact Simon Osborne, Channel Sales Manager – Global,