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Daniel Ha

Face to Face Around Materion with Daniel Ha

Meet Daniel Ha, Materion’s Sr. Director of Sales, Asia and key to the growth of Advanced Materials & Services in that region. Daniel’s responsibilities include identifying new Asian markets and opportunities, as well as managing Sales and the Sales team.

Daniel is based in Taoyuan, a major industrial city in Taiwan. He has been part of the Materion family for over eleven years (starting in 2004 when the company was still Williams Advanced Materials) and reports to Kevin Banks, Sr. Sales Director, International.  His work travels take him to various parts of Asia, including China, Korea and South East Asia, with an occasional trip to the United States.

When asked ‘what do you like most about working at Materion,’ Daniel responded: “People come first.  I find that Materion recruits very talented people with a variety of professional skills to expand our market presence. It is also enjoyable to work with them!”

With his education and experience, Daniel offers an impressive background. He earned his BSc in Chemistry with a minor in Marketing from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Prior to his employment at Materion, he worked for a British company as their General Manager in Taiwan. Sometime after that, he began his own trading company. This later merged with a local manufacturer and formed a joint venture with Williams Advanced Materials (now Materion) to handle materials bonding. Eventually, this operation was acquired and became the pioneer of Materion Taiwan.

Daniel currently resides in New Taipei City, and formerly lived in Hong Kong. He is married and has a 24 year old son.  For leisure activities, he enjoys music, travelling, and meeting people from around the world.  He remarked that “he is always amazed and delighted to learn other people's varied viewpoints when they come from different cultural and educational backgrounds.”