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Introducing COVERexpress

Packaging Material in Half the Time!

Faster, thinner, brighter, smarter—the field of consumer electronics is advancing more rapidly than ever before. To keep pace with this whirlwind market, manufacturers are working to bring their goods to market faster. If prototype projects can be completed more quickly, R&D can be accelerated and ultimately production time can be reduced—which means products in the hands of consumers and profits in the accounts of companies. But rapid development requires equally rapid access to small quantities of advanced microelectronic packaging. Traditionally, manufacturing such packages has required significant lead time—COVERexpress changes that.  

To accommodate the accelerated pace of advancement, Materion has developed a packaging service that allows for custom packaging materials in half the time. COVERexpress is designed for customers who require prompt delivery of smaller quantities for product feasibility studies and rapid prototyping, or for those looking for smaller production volumes. Traditional manufacturing methods require the fabrication of a hard tool which can slow delivery times. Instead the COVERexpress system uses a propriety process to create a soft tool that can swiftly create complex designs or micro-sized products. This means Combo-LidsTM and preforms are available to our customers in half the time.  

Materion understands that speed is never a substitute for quality, so packages made using the COVERexpress system are held to the same strict standards as all Materion products. The result is simple: the reliable product you need on the express timeline you want.

In addition to our COVERexpress products, Materion also offers an extensive selection of innovative packaging materials for the microelectronics industry.  We are tooled for over 8,000 preforms and can easily customize new designs to your unique requirements.  We also manufacture a broad range of metal and ceramic lids, all available with the option of non-magnetic construction.

Available Lids

Preforms & Other Advantages
Materion uses high purity materials to create an extremely effective seal ring and excellent soldering performance. Materials include: AuSn 80/20, 78/22 for superior hermetic sealing, as well as standard or custom alloys containing Au, Ag, Sn, In, Pb, Sb & Ge.  Materion also has a number of additional resources and features available, including: application engineers for assistance or to accelerate product development; all metal and ceramic products that can be tack-welded; and lead & lead-free RoHS compliant options.

More Information
For inquiries about COVERexpress or other Materion packaging products and services, please contact: K Ramesh, or Tan SinLi,