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Microelectronics Packaging Developments

New Lid Designs Meet Needs in Asia

The microelectronic packaging business in Asia has grown substantially in the past few years.  The industry has an increased need for hermetic lids to secure devices from moisture, and for contaminant-free metals and alloys for joining electronic devices. This is particularly true for semiconductor, MEMS, medical and optical applications where optimal performance is critical.

To meet such demanding challenges requires that customers work with a technical partner capable of innovative solutions for their new developments. When it comes to packaging, Materion has you covered! We are the world’s leading supplier of hermetic lids. Our technical team in Asia has developed a number of new products to resolve problems that could negatively impact your products.

Materion Combo LidsMaterion Family of Lids

While the Asian market demand is greatest for Materion’s Combo Lids™(pre-assembled solder preform + lids for high reliability hermetic packaging), there is also interest in our unique non-magnetic Ceramic Lids and Ceramic Combo Lids which can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. In addition, we offer a range of new products:

Specialty Lids:
• EPROM Glass Combo Lids – These are lids with glass attachments used for IR communication without compromising the hermetic seal capability.  This combination lid allows for the glass plus a choice of plating, solder selection and solder attachment.

• AuGe Based Combo Lid – This gold-germanium lid allows for a higher temperature solder to produce a superior hermetic seal.  In-house solder casting and alloying, plus choice of plating, solder selection, and solder attachment.

Recently Introduced:
• Nozzle Combo Lids – This homogenous Kovar-based combo lid provides an excellent pressure sensor hermetic seal.  It is machined and solder cast in-house, plus offers choice of plating, solder selection, and solder attachment.

• Getter Combo Lids – These are fully bundled combo lids for very high reliability applications. The getter and AuSn (gold-tin) solder are attached simultaneously to provide a premium hermetic seal.

• Medical Lids - These low moisture combo lids do not contain any ferrous material. This makes them fully non-magnetic to prevent signal interference when communicating with other devices. They offer a hermetic seam-sealed packaging suitable for critical medical applications.

Core Materion Team

Our staff prides itself on personal customer interface and building good business relationships. This approach allows us to provide quick solutions and prompt deliveries – particularly for new products. Our global operations teams are located in Singapore, Philippines and Buffalo, NY (USA) allowing for convenient manufacture of materials that become part of our customers’ products.

The Materion support team provides service 24 hours around the clock, 365 days per year and includes: Keven Zhou(Sales), Ramesh Kothandapani (Application support for packaging products), Wei Chuan (RF product application support),  Tom deGuehery (Marketing), Laurie Riggan (Buffalo Sales), Linda Teo, Ivy Lim, & Linda Zhang (Inside Sales), Supervisors, Chee Kong (VP Asia Pacific) and Daniel Ha (Sr Director Asia), provide behind the scene guidance to help achieve customer goals.

For assistance with microelectronic packaging, please contact Ramesh Kothandapani in Asia at or in the U.S. Tom deGuehery or Rich Koba at  or