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Semiconductor Support Under One Roof

Materion Ireland Expands Capabilities

Materion’s Advanced Materials facility in Limerick, Ireland is nearing completion of a significant upgrade and expansion. The enhancements will allow us to become a premier supplier to the semiconductor industry for Europe. It will double thin film bonding and debonding capacity for semiconductor customers who use precious thin film deposition materials.

Convenient Bonding Services

In addition to shield kit cleaning and reclamation of precious metals from used sputtering targets, our strength lies in the provision of bonding services that ensure thermal and mechanical integrity of the bond between a target and its backing plate.  Prior to the Limerick facility upgrade, these bonding services were performed in Buffalo, NY and required international shipping.  Now with the expansion, European customers can conveniently access a continuous supply chain and deal with a single vendor.

"Securing all of the products and services from one vendor will make the purchasing experience and the total return on investment even more appealing to our customers," said EJ Strother, VP of Marketing for the Advanced Materials business.  "No other company has the ability to combine everything for the semiconductor customer in one offering. From product development to precious or non-precious metals, to complementary services like bonding, shield kit cleaning and refining & recycling, that's an advantage that cannot be disputed."

Materion Broadens Reach

Materion is already a leading supplier of ultra-pure gold for the fabrication of semiconductors. The expansion in Limerick allows for increasing our offerings within Europe.  The upgraded facility will enhance our ability to prototype new materials for our customers as well as improve workflow and streamline processes.  For more information on products and services in the Limerick facility, contact Jim McMullen, Senior Product Manager - Precision Parts Cleaning,