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Silicon Monoxide SiO Overview

Silicon monoxide, SiO, is an amorphous solid which does not have a characteristic X-ray diffraction pattern. SiO is brown in powder or pressed form and black in granular or lump form. It is stable at room temperature, but at temperatures of 400-800°C, X-ray readings show traces of the disproportionation products silicon and quartz. SiO is a highly desirable coating material due to its high deposition rate and ease of evaporation using low cost resistance-heated coating systems. SiO is also noted for its excellent environmental stability.

Applications of Silicon Monoxide SiO


Optical Applications of Silicon Monoxide SiO

SiO coatings are used for optical applications in reflectors, flood lamps, mirrors, jewelry and other products. SiO coatings can reduce reflection in the near infrared range or act as interference layers. SiO is also ideal for use with ZnS and other materials for reflective coatings. SiO layers formed in oxygen atmosphere (Si203) are used for antireflection coatings or interference coatings for ray splitting in the visible range.

Electronic Applications of Silicon Monoxide SiO

SiO films are used in thin-film capacitors, hybrid circuits, semiconductor components, and other electronic applications. A variety of insulating and dielectric properties can be achieved by proper selection of SiO film thickness.

Protective Applications of Silicon Monoxide SiO

SiO films are deposited on aluminum surface mirrors, lenses and gratings to protect against corrosion and wear.

Experimental Applications of Silicon Monoxide SiO

New uses for SiO are being discovered on an ongoing basis. Consequently, the demands for new forms or purities of SiO are also changing. As one of the world's largest producers of fine and rare inorganic materials, Materion Advanced Chemicals has the experience and manufacturing expertise necessary to meet new challenges created by advances in technology.

Preparation of Silicon Monoxide SiO

Silicon monoxide is generally prepared by condensing the vapor formed when pure silicon and pure quartz are reacted in a vacuum at high temperatures. The purity of the final SiO product is determined by the starting materials and reaction procedures used. Depending on the temperature of the collector, the finished SiO will range from lightweight, brown-to-black porous pieces to a dense, black glassy material.

Purity Grades of Silicon Monoxide SiO

Materion Advanced Chemicals offers two grades of SiO: 99.9% and 99.99% metallic purity. Both grades are ideal for vacuum deposition.


Physical Properties of Silicon Monoxide SiO


Evaporation Parameters of Silicon Monoxide SiO

SiO films are typically produced by evaporating at 2 x 10-6 Torr with substrate temperatures of 100 to 150°C. Resistance heating in baffle boats is the most common evaporation method used, but E-beam evaporation may also be used, particularly with pellets. By changing the deposition rate or oxygen back pressure, various stoichiometries of SixOy can be produced. The optical properties of the deposited SixOy range between those of SiO and SiO2.

Silicon Monoxide-Chromium Compositions

Materion Advanced Chemicals prepares fused SiO-Cr compositions in various formulations for use in microminiature resistors. The production technique prevents separation of the SiO and Cr during evaporation and thus yields uniform films. Materion Advanced Chemicals also manufactures sputtering targets, solid rods or other desired shapes of SiO-Cr. Please inquire with specific requirements for prompt assistance.

Forms and Sizes Available for Silicon Monoxide SiO


Materion Advanced Chemicals Products and Services

Materion Advanced Chemicals offers other particle sizes for evaporation as well as sputtering targets. To view pricing on the items listed above, please visit the Materion Advanced Chemicals on-line catalog to search via the Materion Advanced Chemicals item number or chemical name. If you require a custom manufactured item, please submit your specific requirements via our Request for Quote Form or by phone at 414-289-9800 .

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