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Tantalum Ethoxide and Niobium Ethoxide

Tantalum Ethoxide Ta(OC2H5)5 and Niobium Ethoxide Nb(OC2H5)5 Overview

Tantalum and niobium ethoxides are available as convenient precursors in the production of their respective oxides in various applications. Chemical formulas are Ta(OC2H5)5 and Nb(OC2H5)5, sometimes referred to as metal pentaethoxides or metal salts of ethanol. These materials are liquid products which can be handled easily in vapor deposition systems and are readily hydrolyzed or pyrolyzed to form the desired oxide films. Both of these materials are available from Materion Advanced Chemicals and can be shipped from stock in research quantities and production amounts.

Tantalum Ethoxide Ta (OC2H5)5 and Niobium Ethoxide Nb(OC2H5)5 Properties

Tantalum ethoxide is a clear, colorless, slightly viscous liquid at room temperature. It is soluble in most organic solvents, very moisture sensitive, and yields Ta2O5 upon reaction with water.

Niobium ethoxide is a yellow-to-orange liquid with similar chemical properties to tantalum ethoxide, yielding Nb2O5 upon hydrolysis.

Physical Data of Tantalum Ethoxide Ta(OC2H5)5 and Niobium Ethoxide Nb(OC2H5)5


Applications of Tantalum Ethoxide Ta(OC2H5)5 and Niobium Ethoxide Nb(OC2H5)5

The main use of these metal ethoxides is the production of oxide films. The oxides of tantalum and niobium are used in thin film optical and semiconductor applications. The optical properties of Ta(OC2H5)5 films have been extensively characterized - see our product data sheet on this material for more information. These coatings are transparent in the visible and near-IR and reflect in the IR region.

Ta(OC2H5)5 and Nb(OC2H5)5 have also been used in low-pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) systems to produce films over fairly large areas. This process is being developed for the production of advanced metal-oxide semiconductor (MOS) memory devices and dynamic random-access memory (DRAM).1 The advantage of the deposited Ta2O5 film is a dielectric constant higher than that obtained by many commonly used dielectric materials. This property permits smaller capacitor dielectrics and subsequently smaller features on semiconductor devices. The deposited films often need to be annealed in oxygen to produce the desired properties.

Handling and Cleaning of Tantalum Ethoxide Ta(OC2H5)5 and Niobium Ethoxide Nb(OC2H5)5

Tantalum and niobium ethoxides are soluble in, and can be removed by most organic solvents. Hydrolyzed material (containing oxides) can be removed by mild scrubbing or abrasion, especially if the reaction with water is recent. Long-standing or dried coatings need more vigorous scrubbing or, possibly, washing with fluoride containing liquids such as hydrofluoric acid or ammonium bifluoride solution. These liquids can etch or otherwise damage glassware, so use with caution.

Safety of Tantalum Ethoxide Ta(OC2H5)5 and Niobium Ethoxide Nb(OC2H5)5

These materials are considered flammable liquids due to evolution of ethanol upon hydrolysis. The hydrolysis products (metal oxides) are stable and require no special handling. Both niobium and tantalum ethoxide are listed on the EPA's Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) inventory.

Tantalum and niobium oxide are quite stable to most environmental conditions. The precursor ethoxides can thus be used where coatings of certain chemical or optical properties are desired.

Forms and Sizes of Tantalum Ethoxide Ta(OC2H5)5 and Niobium Ethoxide Nb(OC2H5)5





Precursors & Custom Preparations of Tantalum Ethoxide Ta(OC2H5)5 and Niobium Ethoxide Nb(OC2H5)5

For over 30 years, Materion Advanced Chemicals has been known for its interest in and ability to prepare R&D quantities of less-common specialty inorganics chemicals. Although the ethoxides of tantalum and niobium are currently used in commercial applications, other organometallic compositions may have specific areas of interest. In general, ethoxides are a convenient starting point for preparing oxides, and titanium, zirconium, germanium and the rare earth oxides all have been synthesized. For technical assistance and discussions regarding ethoxides not mentioned here please contact us via our Contact Us Form or by phone at 414-289-9800 .

Tantalum Ethoxide and Niobium Ethoxide Reference

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