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Manufacturing Redundancies and Peace of Mind

Materion, with its multiple global manufacturing sites, provides peace of mind through robust, repetitive, and redundant manufacturing processes and capabilities.  We enable our customers to confidently sole source with Materion, trusting that regardless of process, equipment or even facility failures, that we will maintain uninterrupted supply, ensure disaster recovery, and manufacture high quality products. 

Through 11 international sites, Materion   offers assistance at the domestic level, one of the value-added services that contribute to our customers'  “total cost” solutions.  Materion has invested in meeting industry needs by strategically locating operations within markets worldwide.

For Materion’s precious metal product portfolio and non-precious metal PVD products, we offer industry manufacturing redundancies in: refining, shield cleaning, casting, thermal treatment, mechanical reduction techniques, precision machining, laboratory analysis, bonding, and many others.  With well over 1,000,000 square feet, these manufacturing redundancies are available at multiple locations such as: refining, laboratory, and chemical treatment at six sites; thermal technologies at nine sites; mechanical reduction capabilities at six sites;  precision machining at seven sites; and bonding at five sites. 

Additionally, Materion’s network of manufacturing sites employ a wide range of experts from - PhDs, metallurgists, chemical and process engineers, - to laboratory technicians. Our knowledgeable and experienced labor force operates under best practice processes throughout the corporation to provide smarter solutions.  Of paramount importance, Materion has implemented its quality system with the same structure, capabilities, and importance within each operation.