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Bimetal and Trimetal Products

With its specialized expertise in precious metals materials, Materion is now offering new innovative Bimetal and Trimetal products. Our engineers have developed a proprietary process that offers precise ratios, customized aspect ratios and is suitable to produce a wide variety of alloys. Available in wide widths, these products deliver extra clean interfaces to help ensure a strong bond for our customer’s use in joining applications.

 Our unique Trimetal products are composed of a braze alloy intimately bonded on both sides of a copper core. This is produced in strip form for our customers who are then able to stamp flat preforms in either disc or washer format as required. Preforms are used extensively in the joining of carbide cutting tools to steel tool holders with the copper core acting as a “shock absorber” for the cutter in service. This is advantageous for promoting the life of the tool bit and creating a more robust joining system. Because the braze alloy is on both sides of the core, the bond strength is equal and the amount of silver braze is reduced by 50% compared to a solid braze preform. Consequently, Materion’s Trimetal products benefit our customers in several ways - extending tool lifetime and lowering precious metal costs.

 Our Bimetal products include the following: contact alloy on braze, contact alloy on silver, silver contact composite on braze and silver contact composite on silver and sterling on nickel silver.  Our engineers offer technical support in selecting the right composition for your need. When your application calls for high performance with strict adherence to industry specifications for chemistry, our specialized Bimetal and Trimetal products will exceed your requirements. For more information, please contact: Tom DeGuehery at