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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

 Global Silhouettes Business PeopleAs the world becomes more globally interconnected and moves toward lean and “just-in-time” manufacturing, dependencies ranging from raw materials availability, manufacture, finance and human capital, are significantly increasing.  Looking back over the last decade, there has been significant turmoil generated from terrorist activities, financial system collapse, volcanic activity, earthquakes, regime changes and the like. In addition to the toll these events take on human and economic resources, they also impact the supply chain.

At Materion, we recognize that for many of our customers we are a sole source, or significant majority source, for some of the most critical materials required for creation of their products.  Our ability to effectively source raw materials, finance, manufacture, and transport our products and services can have a dramatic effect on our customers’ success - and potentially the health and well-being of consumers.

To this end, Materion takes proactive measures to identify risks and develop mitigation plans around equipment, suppliers and human talent whose loss could cause a significant interruption for a key customer’s business.  The processes utilized incorporate elements of a Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) process that develops a Risk Priority Number (RPN) based on a combination of Impact to the Business or Customer; Potential Downtime; and the Availability of Alternative Sources.  These mitigation plans are electronically documented within our ISO system and available for immediate use should the need arise.

As a long standing and globally-positioned Advanced Materials supplier, Materion has significant overlapping production capabilities that can be employed on short notice in the event of a natural disaster or business interruption.  For example, for some of our highest running precious metal targets and evaporation materials, we can produce these items in no fewer than four distinct geographical locations with minimal impact to our customers.  Materion recognizes this as a unique advantage and a key component of the value we provide our customers.

Should you be interested in details about the processes utilized, or for any specific questions, please contact your local sales representative who will be happy to assist you.