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C-Scan Units

Materion continues to produce high reliability thin film deposition materials for several markets in the microelectronics industry.  In most cases, PVD sputtering targets are metallically bonded (usually with indium) to a copper backing plate.  The integrity of the metallic bond is vital to performance of the target in the sputtering chamber.  To ensure that PVD bonded sputtering targets produced in its facilities have the industry-best bond coverage, Materion has placed several C-scan units in each of its PVD bond labs around the world.  Materion’s use of immersion C-scanning  provides the most effective analytical technique for measuring target bond integrity. Read more…

Consistent Quality

“C-scan” is an ultrasonic analytical technique that can detect certain potential defects in the bond coverage, including voids, oxides and delaminations. The units provide a two dimensional map of the bonding line for a target assembly. Using this map, Materion’s bonding experts can ensure that each assembly is free of many of the potential defects that may result in sputtering target failure during the customer’s operation.  A well-bonded target will conduct heat uniformly without hot spots that could result  in debonds.  Ensuring defect-free target assemblies is one of the value-added services that make Materion a ‘Customer’s First Choice’ for specialty materials and services.