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Customers Benefit from new Automated Packaging

 Packaging AutomationA recent customer improvement team project at the Buffalo, NY facility of Materion Microelectronics & Services focused on the automation of the packaging department. The new work stations and streamlined SAP processes offer better workflow and - most importantly - provide customers with more accurate labeling information.

Although automation through SAP has been implemented at other Materion sites, Buffalo had to address unique challenges imposed by the level of detail required when working with precious metals. As a result of the team’s efforts, material weights are now directly fed into SAP where labels are then formatted for printing. This eliminates the need for the operator to design labels individually and along with the use of barcode readers, further reduces the need for manual data entry.

Other changes that improve efficiency as well as make for a more comfortable employee environment include new work stations with wireless barcode readers and larger monitors for reduced eye strain. The installation of two label printers per station eliminates the need to change label stock between orders as each printer is set to produce either small or large labels. These modifications and efficiencies allow Materion to provide accurate information and expedited service to our customers.

Members of the packaging automation team project in Buffalo included: Sally James, Tom Sirgey, Joe Mosher, Rhonda Robinson, Tim Long, and Derek Steele, with SAP support from Keith Gillespie of Materion, Mayfield Heights.