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Customized Products Developed for Applications Specified by Customers

Whatever your product need or industry, from semiconductors to packaging products to special alloys, Materion can meet your design requirements. Our Research & Development team and multidisciplinary staff of metallurgists, chemists, scientists and engineer, customize products for your specific application.

Our innovative approach to what are considered “standard” products have made us an industry leader. Companies lean on our extensive experience and specialized expertise to engineer cost-effective solutions.  Following are some examples of how we address our customer product challenges…

Ceramic LidsMicroelectronic Packaging: Unique Edge Metallization Combo-LidTM

When our customers’ needed a non-magnetic hermetically sealed lid, Materion created the Ceramic Combo-LidTM.  We produce these high performance lids through use of our unique edge metallization process and are the only manufacturer currently providing this process.  Recently, to further assist a customer with a specific requirement, we developed fillet formation on the lid.

To produce the Combo-LidTM a variety of elements must come together. Our metallization process creates effective organic-free seal rings that allow excellent soldering, while a tack-welded gold-tin alloy delivers perfect hermetic sealing. Other non-precious and lead-free soldering can also be used. Our process assures high performance and quality for microelectronics packages.

Prototyping for Innovative Precious Metal Alloys

When a customer requires a non-standard precious metal alloy, we employ advanced non-ferrous metallurgy and custom metal prototyping to achieve an optimal design for a broad range of applications. Our capabilities range from single piece precious metal designs to multi-million pieces per month, providing scalable solutions.  Our R&D team has access to the full technological capabilities of Materion’s laboratories and testing equipment. Our goal is to provide a superior product that will improve performance and profitability.

Precision Machining for Packaging Products

With over 15,000 dies in our extensive tooling library, we can handle the majority of our customers’ needs for fairly standard solder or braze alloy die shapes. However, if their requirements fall outside of typical dies, our expert tool and die makers can create customized dies using our precision machining and stamping services, including our in-house EDM machines. Our services address material requirements from a wide variety of base materials and solder/braze alloys including our world-famous ability to narrowly roll down AuSn solder to .0005”.  We customize high performance packaging products to your specifications.

Technology Solutions For a Range of Applications

These are just a few of the ways that Materion can assist with your challenges.  Our mission is to meet our customers’ requirements whatever they may be.  From creating specialized materials to designing a new product to customizing parts for unique applications - we would like to work with you for a best-case solution. For more information, contact:  Ramesh Kothanpadani, Technical Manager at