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Evaporation Crucible Cleaning

Materion continues to focus on improvements and value added services that directly reduce costs and improve performance for its customers.  A development effort focusing on improving evaporation products has resulted in an improved method of cleaning new crucible liners to remove any surface contamination. Utilizing this cleaning approach as the “final clean” of new crucibles has demonstrated a reduction in particles during the evaporation process.

Materion’s improved cleaning method helps to remove any residual contamination on the surface of the liner.  Various studies have shown a correlation between organic materials and the performance of the evaporation melt, with higher levels of organic materials resulting in lower wafer yield.  To ensure that the complete system is free of any organic materials, Materion recommends that all new crucibles/liners be cleaned with this new technique.  The combination of Materion’s enhanced method of crucible cleaning, along with its high performance evaporation materials, provides customers with a smarter solution that offers a total cost advantage.

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