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Evaporation Material Purity

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) processes allow users to deposit thin films using a variety of flexible techniques, including evaporation.  The evaporation processes include thermal, resistive and electron-beam evaporation.  Materion produces high-performance elemental and composite evaporation materials in a variety of forms and purities, specializing in high-purity materials for the microelectronics market.

For many applications, including semiconductor device fabrication for the wireless and LED markets, the physical properties of the deposited layers are of critical importance to ensure proper functioning of the device and increased yield.  These physical properties are, in turn, influenced in large part by the purity of the source material.  Through a combination of its on-site refinery and engineering expertise, Materion offers a wide variety of high-purity evaporation materials ranging from 99.9 % (3 nines) to 99.999 % (5 nines) purity depending on the customers’ individual needs.  Some of these materials are: Gold, Gold Germanium, Germanium, Platinum, Palladium, Nickel, Titanium, Silver, Gold Tin, Nickel Chromium, Aluminum and Tin.  Using its EvaProTM process, Materion also has the ability to restrict specific elemental impurities to parts per million (ppm) to meet customer specifications.  The EvaProTM process also reduces the materials tendency to spit during use.

Customized Solution

To find the proper material purity levels for their applications, Materion has a professional development team ready to work closely with customers’ R&D groups to help them meet their technology roadmaps.  With our extensive materials engineering expertise, combined with our Precious Metals Life Cycle management services, Materion continues to be the “Customer’s First Choice” for an evaporation materials partner.

For more information about high purity evaporation materials visit our website  or contact: Jim Militello or Allen Duckham at 716.837.1000.