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Scott Haluska

Face-to-Face Around Materion with Scott Haluska

Meet Scott Haluska, VP of Global Sales for Materion Advanced Materials Group.  Scott is responsible for worldwide account management/development, new business sales and customer service.  He is an integral part of Materion’s leadership team and reports directly to President Don Klimkowicz.

Commenting on his lengthy career, Scott remarked: “I’ve had a great 26 years with Materion. It is a place I am proud to work, with a quality environment and an exceptional level of integrity. I believe the company is well-positioned strategically and can look forward to continued success.”

From 1996-2006, Scott worked out of the Buffalo, New York office. Now residing in Phoenix, Arizona, he is currently responsible for global sales across all Materion facilities. To engage with the sales teams at multiple locations, he routinely travels throughout North America, Europe and Asia.  Scott’s business experience over the years, plus his B.S. in Economics and MBA degree, provide a solid background that allows him to profitably interact with personnel and direct good business decisions.

When not traveling, Scott enjoys spending time with his wife of 25 years and three daughters. One of their favorite get-away spots is the mountains of Northern Arizona. He is also a published author who writes fiction for relaxation.