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STT-RAM Products Boost Performance

Memory and data storage are used in every computer system and mobile device in existence today. Cost, performance and reliability are major factors in determining the success or failure of different types of memory devices and architectures brought to market.

Over the next decade, non-volatile memories will change the way software is used in computers, servers, and consumer products. These low power memory options will allow hardware designers to create more powerful devices providing an enhanced user experience.

Move to Non-Volatile Memory

Magnetic Random Access Memory (MRAM) and Spin Transfer Torque Random Access Memory (STT-RAM) will start to replace SRAM and DRAM in the next few years. The quick pace of development will result in lower prices and increase the attractiveness of replacing volatile storage with non–volatile memory. Moving to a non-volatile memory will reduce power usage, provide faster recovery and enable more stable circuit designs that retain their state even with the power off. These changes will be most apparent in the mobile device market. Designers will be stretching existing battery technologies to the limit in order to increase the time between charging cycles.

STT-RAM is well suited for many mainstream applications within the memory hierarchy. It delivers the high performance of DRAM and SRAM, has the low cost of flash memory, and leverages existing CMOS manufacturing techniques and processes. Magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJ), which are core to the STT-RAM design, is also found in the architecture of modern thin film heads for hard disk drive storage.

Materion and STT-RAM

For over 20 years, Materion has served the thin film head market with high quality magnetic sputtering targets, precious metal sputtering targets and thin film services. Our expertise in manufacturing difficult magnetic materials allows us to support the STT-RAM market with novel approaches for increased pass through flux, reduced particles and high boron alloys. The memory market is evolving and Materion is on the cutting edge with high quality materials for next generation memory products.  For more information, please contact Matt Wilson, Director of Marketing,