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Ceramic Lids

Innovative Ceramic Combo Lid

As the industry's cover lid innovator, Materion manufactures a variety of high performance hermetic lids to meet your microelectronic packaging application whether for the semiconductor, MEMS, medical, or optical market. In response to customer requirements for a non-magnetic hermetic cover that could be metalized, we developed the Ceramic Combo-LidTM.

A variety of elements must come together to manufacture the new Lid. Our metallization process creates effective organic free seal rings that allow excellent soldering, while a gold-tin alloy delivers perfect hermetic sealing. Other non-precious and lead-free soldering can also be used.

In addition, Materion can produce edge metallization. This unique feature assures high performance and quality of the sealed packages at the customer end.

Customized Ceramic Combo-LidsTM

Materion is tooled for over 15,000 preform shapes which allow us to custom-design and manufacture the new Ceramic Combo-Lid™ to meet specific customer requirements. The lids are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and configurations. We also offers the service of tack welding solder preforms onto ceramic lids.

Ceramic Lid Illustration


  • Lid Material  - Ceramic (Alumina) in various ranges of Al2O3 contents
  • Lid Color  - Brown, White and Ivory
  • Lid Shapes  - Square, Rectangle, Flat shapes
  • Lid Seal Ring Metallization  - Typically nickel followed by gold; Edge plating available

Materion Offers a Full Range of Customized Lids

Materion is the world’s leading supplier of high reliability hermetic packaging materials. Vertically integrated throughout the manufacturing process, we fully leverage our operations in North America, Singapore and the Philippines to bring you best-cost solutions.  Click to view application comparisons for our family of lids. For more information, please contact Technical Support:

  • Combo-Lids™ for high reliability applications
  • Micro-Lids™ for packages smaller than .300 in2
  • Seam Seal-Lids™ for sealing heat sensitive electronics
  • Visi-Lids™ for optical packages
  • Epoxy-coated ceramic and metal Epo-Lids
  • Non-Magnetic Lids for specialty applications
  • Ceramic Lids for specialty applications