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Expansion of Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

As an ethical corporate citizen and trusted refiner of precious metals since 1907, Materion prohibits money laundering and is proactive in preventing acts designed to conceal proceeds that could support terrorist or criminal activities.  The company has recently expanded its worldwide Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Program by forming a new Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Team, led by Vice President of Finance Joseph Kelley.

The AML Compliance Team includes representation from all global Materion Advanced Materials Group sites. Their responsibility is to ensure that employees remain particularly vigilant with respect to screening existing and potential customers and their scrap and/or primary sourced materials for anti-money laundering compliance. The objective is for the staff to be thoroughly grounded in AML screening procedures, and thus able to recognize unlawfully derived proceeds that have been disguised from their true origins so as to appear legitimate. Per Materion’s AML policy, successful completion of compliance training is required for all worldwide employees involved in any precious metals business or transactions.

Mike O’Neill, Vice President of Commercial Integration & Metal Management Services, commented on
the AML program: “Materion has always been at the forefront of  ethical practices in its dealings with our customers and the greater business community. Being in the precious metals business for over 100 years, we look to continually update and improve our awareness of solicitations of potentially illegal transactions.”

With the expansion of its AML Program, Materion, a publically-held company trading under NYSE MTRN, continues its principled reputation for accurate and transparent services for precious metals refining and recovery services.  For more information, please contact Mike O’Neill, at