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Materion Gets ISO Recertification

Materion has recently completed recertifications for ISO 17025 (Laboratory), ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (EHS) to ensure we are meeting the quality needs of our customers as well as complying with all regulatory requirements.  The ISO series is a set of universally accepted international standards related to quality management systems that cover best practices in technical competence, quality, EHS and other areas. They serve as formal recognition of a demonstration of competence. 

Exhibiting Materion’s Technical Competence

For close to twenty years, Materion has chosen to be audited and certified to ISO by a third-party qualifying body (either Laboratory Accreditation Bureau or Bureau Veritas) in those areas that would provide confidence to our customers in our quality practices. ISO standards are made up of lists of requirements that companies must meet to achieve the level of best practice as described in the standard.

To achieve ISO 17025 – General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories – Materion had to demonstrate that our laboratories exhibited technical competence and operated under a quality management system. This translates into our customers being able to rely on our laboratory’s ability to produce valid results.

Ongoing Environmental and Quality Management

Materion was also recertified for ISO 9001 for overall quality management systems and for ISO 14001 for having an effective environmental management system. The ISO certifications mean that we are audited periodically to assess on-going compliance. They are valid for a period of three years. The recertification process involves an extended series of full audits before the certificate can be renewed.  For many businesses, these certifications are the minimum necessary for doing business with a company and create a level of trust in its competency.

Materion is committed to quality management systems and to maintaining best practices throughout our facilities so our customers can trust we are doing it right. If you would like more information related to Materion’s quality initiatives, please contact