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World Lead Free Soldering Roadmap

In late 2002, representative organizations from Japan, North America and Europe all agreed on the framework for a World Lead Free Soldering Roadmap. According to that roadmap framework, many companies in the electronic industry will halt usage of lead soldering materials by 2005. That timeframe is fast approaching and although great strides have been made, there is still a long way to go.

While Materion Microelectronics & Services  still supports the traditional solder alloys, we also offer a variety of low temperature lead free solder solutions from the 48Sn/52In at 117C to 95Sn/3.8Ag/0.7Cu at 217C. In addition, we can offer our higher temperature alloys of 80Au/20Sn, 88Au/12Ge and 96Au/4Si.

Our in-house tool and die shop designs, builds and maintains tools allowing quick turnaround times, or choose from a library of over 6000 configurations.